Pee Pee Efreeti

I’ve already talked a bit about the Diaper Genie, but that was on more of a conceptual level since Daphne hadn’t arrived and we’d yet to drop a single droopy piper into its strange, yawning, blue maw.


Pampers cast in here are slowly digested over a thousand years.

Now, after three weeks of extensive usage (it’s only been three weeks?), I have an idea behind the practical functionality of the thing.

At first, I really believed there was a greater mystery at work in there.  That, hidden behind its cylindrical walls, was a Sylvester McMonkey McBean Machine that would condense and fuse scat nappies into a strange poop sausage, and may or may not apply a star upon thar.

poosausageWhat you have here is a focused, non-terminal, repeating poop stack…or a class 5 full-roaming vapor.  Real nasty one too.”

Alas, there’s no magic in this genie.   As it turns out it’s essentially just a trash can with an automatic “chip clip” at the top.  One that makes a valiant effort to keep all the odoraphorous ophylactery amerinations inside the bin, and is mostly successful at doing so.

Although Little D’s poops aren’t too smelly just yet…  Hopefully this thing will hold up when she starts squatting grumpies that have some real tang to them.

Guess we’ll see.


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