Greetings from Atoll Houston


Yes, all is fine down here.

All that terrifying stuff that fell in a soaking deluge from the sky?  It’s rain.  Happens all the time.  Now if it had been beluga whales and bonsai trees then we might’ve had an issue or two.  But this?  It’s water.   Sure there was a lot of it, but less than 12 hours later the freeways are dry and the bayous are doing their job.

creek2Normal creek.

creekshot2Creek this morning.

And I say this as I sit here in a completely empty office.  Hey, someone has to make sure the phones, server, and network are all running properly.  The rest of the country is working just fine and the spice data must flow…

It’s funny, but my only concern during these storms is with the structural integrity of my house.  Ever since the roof above our bedroom sprung a leak last year I’ve been unreasonably anxious about interior water damage during heavy winds/rain.  I think, in that moment, I lost faith in the builders and began to wonder what other corners they cut when piling up this bank loan on bricks…



As for our daughter, she slept just fine through the storm.  Although she did awake at around 4am with a completely stuffed-up nose which was a first for us.  And lemme tell you, she really doesn’t like that sucky snot-bulb thing.  Not one bit.  And she let her sleep-deprived father have it for sticking it in her nostrils.  She seems fine now though.  And she has her one month doctor appointment today at noon, which is basically just a weighing/measurement visit.  Although this will mark the first time that Jen has driven Daphne anywhere, which should make for an interesting tale when I get home.

See you tomorrow.


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