Post is on the late side, but it’s been a really busy day.

Normally I write these things during my lunch hour, but I worked straight through today.

Well, that and I’m strangely exhausted for some reason.  Which doesn’t make sense since I slept quite well last night.  Hopefully I’m not coming down with something again…  (I am irrationally fearful of one of us getting sick before we’re supposed to leave town for the weekend.)

Daphne is good, though.  Yesterday she began sticking the letters into her LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Bus on her own.  (Well, mostly on her own.)

A well-received Christmas gift from her aunt and uncle.

I must admit that we’ve grown a little weary of the “Every Letter Makes a Sound” song that plays when she does so.  But hey, it’s better than reading The Pout Pout Fish again or hearing Cora sing her stupid song for the 12,000th time.

“Hello my friends, I’m Coraaa.  Your cuddly friend, who loves to sinnnng!”

Okay, I’m out of here.  See you tomorrow.


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