Night Night Revisited

Daphne has been waking up, for the past week or so, at both 1am and 3:30am.

Yep, we’ve gone retro.  Back to the days when I’d trudge up and down the stairs at least twice a night.  Although back then I’d bring a bottle up with me.  Now I just tuck her blanket around her and put my hand on her chest until she stops whining and goes back to sleep.  Usually this takes about 15 minutes or so.

Yesterday I started to feel similar echoes of sleep deprivation that followed me around for the first 6 months we had Daph.  Fortunately, last night she went down at 9 and slept straight through until 8am.

And it was glorious.

Speaking of throwbacks, these were taken one year ago today:

And this one was taken a few days ago:

Definitely the same girl…just longer.


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