Great PAXpectations

Tonight we’re heading to our 3rd Annual Penny Arcade Expo Family Outing.

Last year…

Unfortunately I had an untimely second lace strap break on my sneakers on Monday, which transitioned their status from “a bit wobbly” to “completely unwearable.”   So I was forced to replace them with some new suede Pumas.

Slightly less DadCore than the old Nikes…

See that inward curving heel tab up there?  It has done a serious number on the backs of my ankles.  (I suppose that’s what you get when you average one new pair of shoes every 2 years.)  And those blisters are going to get interesting when I start walking miles and miles around a convention center all weekend…

Oh well.  There are worse things.

Okay, I’m going to start wrapping things up in an attempt to duck out of here the early side.  And FYI: There will not be a post tomorrow, as Jen and I typically spend the whole first day in San Antonio just being together.  And I think I’m looking forward to that more than the rest of the convention, honestly.  We were way overdue for some couple time, even if it is surrounded by the flashing, bleeping din of unbridled nerdom.

 Ugh.  And I’ve just been tapped for YET ANOTHER requisite work meeting on Friday (I declined 2 other ones), that I’m somehow going to have to take while on vacation.


Sometimes I don’t know why I even bother requesting days off.

Okay, I’m leaving.  See you when we get back.


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