Alphabet Commuter

I believe I’ve mentioned this particular Christmas present before…

But Daphne has grown to absolutely love this little thing.

Thanks again Uncle D & Auntie Am!

The concept here is that the entire alphabet sticks to the fridge via magnets, and the kid can put each letter into the window on the bus and hear a short song about that letter, and its corresponding phonic.

Full disclosure: this is not my fridge.

And, as I mentioned, she’s now pulling the letters out and putting new ones in entirely on her own.  (She does get the M and W mixed up though.)

This is awesome for two reasons.

The first is the obvious improvement in her hand-eye coordination and leveling up of her fine motor skills.  (I’d probably give her a 5 in DEX.)

The second is that the bus makes noise.  So we know exactly where she is, even if we can’t see her or are busy making meals/folding laundry/feeding dogs/etc.  As such we know she’s not trying to scale the stairs, leap off the back of the couch, or otherwise inflict grievous bodily harm upon herself.

It might not sound like a lot, but it’s actually very comforting.


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