Familiar Pangs

I haven’t had a single free moment to post today.

And this is probably a good thing.  Because when I have had a few spare seconds, I’ve spent most of them in uneasy contemplation of what lies ahead for our nation, and of how stunned I am at the choices made yesterday by those that I share this country with.

There’s a palpable feeling of, “Maybe they’re right.  Maybe I don’t belong here…” that’s arisen.  And, unfortunately, it’s a very familiar dread.  I felt this way in 2000, and again in 2004, so basically for half of my voting-age life.

Although this one is much worse.  Partly because of the paltry caliber of the man who’s been elected, but mostly because I (obviously), have a very different outlook on life now than I did when I was 25.

Full disclosure?  I did not like either choice.  I honestly don’t believe many of us did.  But attitude reflects leadership and I very much worry about raising my daughter in the kind of culture that’s encouraged by our President-elect.

Okay, I have to go.  I should have more time tomorrow, and I promise that I will then move on to more pleasant and less divisive subjects.

In the interim here’s a happy little girl, one who’s completely oblivious to the machinations of governmental policy and is simply running down the hallway to meet the arms of her mother.


Some things, have not changed.

See you tomorrow.


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