Healthy Little Girl

How about some non-political stuff to brighten an otherwise combative and surly day?

Daphne’s 18-month check-up is finished.

And it would appear that the little girl is growing just fine.  She’s still in the 80-90% for both height and weight, and in the high 60’s for noggin circumference.

baskinrobbinsdaphneMy head is fine, Daddy.  Stop.

Now, I wasn’t worried per se.  But there’s a line of tension (one of many), that slacks when I get a glowing après doctor visit report.

You parents out there know the feeling when you get the proverbial thumbs up from the doc.

It’s an affirmation that not only are you responsible enough to care for a tiny, helpless human, you’re good enough at it that the kid is actually thriving.

Although maybe I have nothing to do with it.  Maybe, despite my best efforts, she’s thriving…

Nope.  Don’t care.

Feels good, man.


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