Daylight Losing Time

In case I haven’t mentioned this before…  [ed: Actually, it seems I have.]  I am not a fan of screwing around with the clock twice every year.


Although, if I’m being honest, it used to be that I loved Daylight Savings Time.  That extra hour of sleep in the morning was a godsend for those of us who “rest” like whirligigs in a storm.  And while I realize many people dislike that whole, “driving home from work after dark” thing, it’s never been something that bothered me.  I normally work until dusk though, so it’s not that huge of a difference for me either way.

The problem is, Daphne’s circadian rhythm is now waking her up just as I’m getting into the shower in the morning.  Which in turn forces me wash, dress and generally deodorize myself at Mach 1, before she gets too cranky in her crib and those horrible howls start crackling through the baby monitor.

And for someone who’s already having to start their day at a much faster pace than they’re used to, this creates another challenge where I really don’t need one.

To her credit, though, Daphne typically just coos and warbles and entertains herself in her crib while I’m getting ready.  (Pending I don’t take too long doing so…)

She’s awesome like that.



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