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Hey there.

So, like every weekend, this one shot by in a hurry.

Saturday we stayed home for most of the day and just played around the house.  I had an airport pickup to do late that evening, after which I crawled into bed and began deep background research into the world of Arkham Horror for my proofreading job next month.

Because the previous BumbleDay saw us being a pair of total homebodies, this Sunday we hit the road for more brunch and Bumbleventures.


First up was one of my VERY old haunts (one that actually predates my move to the Heights), Fountain View Cafe.


It’s changed a bit over the years (I think I first started coming here 20 years ago?), but the menu is the same, the food is still great, and the exact same guy is behind the counter taking orders.  Gives one a feeling of solidarity

Daphne and I shared some scrambled eggs and bacon with biscuits.  I did my best to keep my coffee mug away from her, and she busied herself by melting hearts all over the room.

ftviewcafedaphpic1Some things are obviously very different from when I was 21 though.  Like those crow’s feet.

After brunch we had some free time, so I took Daphne to a Houston institution…the Water Wall.


Sadly, this is as close to a waterfall as Houston can get because of how ridiculously flat the geography is down here.  (The highest point in the entire city is 125′ above sea level.  I wish I were kidding.)

On a blistering hot day, a brief reprieve can be found by standing in the center of the stone crescent and letting the misty breeze cool you off.  But don’t take my word for it, look at the face of someone who’s feeling it for the very first time…




Yes, it was as fun as it looks.

There was a whole lot of napping done on our drive home (her, not me), and then we did our normal grocery thing and prepped for the upcoming week.

There’s also been a new development in my war against the ants.  But that one will have to wait until tomorrow.

See you then.


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