Proof of Concepts

Why is it that short weeks make you even more ready for the following weekend?

I am definitely ready for a couple days off.

cuddletimegrins99Me too, Daddy.

That said, I don’t really have a whole lot going on right now.  Daphne was invited to her very first birthday party (which takes place this Saturday), so that’s an adorable little thing.  And one that should result in some adorable little pictures next week.

Unfortunately I will not be in attendance, however, as I’m driving family to the airport that afternoon.  After which I might very well swing by Goldmine for a couple hours.  They remodeled/expanded the store this week, and I’d like to check out the new space and support the store.

goldminealmostfinishedroomCeiling fans are an excellent combatant against nerd dander.

Oh!  Speaking of gaming, I mentioned a while back (albeit rather cryptically), that I was attempting to do some “freelance stuff” for a particular game company that’s headquartered in Minnesota.  And I’m happy to say that said company did circle back to me and they would indeed like me to do some proofreading for them.  I can’t disclose the what/whens of it obviously, but it’s exciting stuff.

So “proofreader” can officially be added to the list of random titles I’ve accrued.

And finally, if you’re looking for some uptempo throwback sounds to help round out your Friday night, here’s a little something to get your weekend started on the right foot:

Okay, I’m out.  See you crazy kids on Monday.


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