Got No Game


I’m going to geek rant a little today.  Feel free to skip over this one if you’re not interested in gaming and/or Star Wars.

Yesterday was the release date for X-Wing Wave 9, so I Fred Flintstone’d out of work as soon as the whistle sounded and sped over to my local gaming store to pick up the ships they were kind enough to set aside for me.

First, the Shadow Caster:

scum-shadowcaster-600px“Like a record, baby…”

Apparently this is from the Rebels TV show?  Honestly it looks more “Star Trek” than “Star Wars” to me…  But it does have some interesting new mechanics and I’m a sucker for those large base Scum & Villainy ships.  Should be a fun one to fly.

Next up is the “Protectorate Starfighter,” nicknamed the “Fang Fighter.”

scum-protectorate-600pxYep, fangs.  I get it. 

After opening the package and perusing the pilots therein, it became obvious that this guy is going to be best in swarms.  Unfortunately I’m not in the fiscal position to buy 3-4 more of them, so that one will have to wait.

And finally, those hapless Rebellion do-gooders and their ARC-170.

rebel-arc-170-600pxThat is one ugly, hook-nosed little ship…

I don’t play a lot of Rebels, but this guy had a fantastic card that came with him.  One that happened to be an auto-include in several other squadrons that I’ve built.  And so the ugly little hook-nose had to come home with me, where he will sit on the shelf and gather ugly, hook-nosed dust bunnies.

swx53-tail-gunnerSpecifically, this guy right here…  Whose nose looks nothing like his ship’s.

The really unfortunate part about yesterday was that I wasn’t able to, you know, ACTUALLY PLAY ANY GAMES while I was there.
Astonishingly, there wasn’t a single person at the store flying these new ships.  So much for the hype surrounding a new set…

After 2 hours of waiting for an opponent while watching the slow-motion trainwreck that was the Texans “game,” I gave up and headed home.
Fortunately I arrived just in time to hug Daphne and do our pre-bedtime routine, so at least the night ended on a good note.

I guess I’ll have to go back to practicing on the dining room table…against myself.



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