Zoom goes the weekend.

Although that’s always the feeling I have when I spend the majority of said weekend lounging around the house.  Weird how that somehow makes the days go by so much faster…

Anyway, Saturday saw us on a prototypical suburbanite family outing to the mall.  We needed to round out Jen’s new wardrobe with a few pairs of slacks (to match all of her new fall sweaters), and we accomplished this mission with ease once we stopped screwing around with places like New York & Co. or Ann Taylor Loft, and hit up Ralph Lauren instead.
Done and done.

Then, in stark contrast to last weekend, Daphne and I spent BumbleDay being total lazy homebodies.

First we did some Little Baby Bum…

planetofthetoesWe are from the Planet of the Toes and we bring you…PRODUCE!

Then we had some breakfast and reading time before going up to the playroom to run in circles/dance for over an hour.

Don’t believe me?

Behold, the “Daphne Patch.”






daphdancroorm5“La Cucaracha” played on the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Table is the jam, people.

Obviously some sweet dance moves like these will wear a little girl out, and shortly after these were taken she toddled over and collapsed onto dad’s gut, thus signaling her readiness for naptime.


Daphne has been hitting all cylinders on her naps these days.  I’m talking full-custom, quad-barrel, 400hp, 2-hour-long naps.
And they are awesome.
Just 120 minutes of uninterrupted cuddling.

That is, until I move around a little to take a picture and accidentally wake her up…

awokenfromnaproom3Dad…  Seriously? 


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