A Tale of Two Chances

I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t chance driving down to Dickens on the Strand on Saturday.


The good news there is that they’ve rescheduled the event for next Saturday, so it looks like we’ll be able to go after all.  (Pending the island doesn’t slip underwater next weekend too…)

The weather here in town was similarly nasty so, aside from a grocery trip on Sunday, we spent most of the weekend at home.

But speaking of grocery trips, have I ever mentioned Daphne’s disdain for hats?


 daredevbeanie2Gah!  What is this thing you keep ruining my beautiful hair with?

daredevbeanie3Oh.  A hat.  How thoughtful. Thank you, no.

darevbeanie5And Daredevil?  Really?  You know I’m a Punisher girl, Dad…

Although it is getting a little chilly over here with the frozen lasagna…

So, I just pull it over my head like this? 

daredevbeanie1Nailed it.


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