Sinister Siri

It would appear that there are malevolent forces lurking within our iPhones.

That’s right.  I’m talking about Siri, the personal voice assistant.

I say this because every time I ask Siri to read me a text message, an email, or if I get a phone call while driving, Daphne completely loses her mind and starts wailing at the top of her lungs in sheer terror.

siricausesanguish1You don’ t understand. Siri is a bad, bad woman.

Before the above picture was taken all I’d done was ask Siri to shuffle my music.  And Daphne refused to calm down until I’d played several minutes of Taylor Swift.

I even tried changing the robotic voice to British and Australian accents.  Neither works.  She freaks out regardless of the dialect.  Meaning she’s an equal opportunity Siri hater.

This is incredibly inconvenient, and completely defeats the purpose of having a hands-free phone system in your car when no one can hear you over the sound of your child screaming in the back seat.

Although I suppose there are worse things.

Like listening to Taylor Swift…


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