Pickin’ Dickens

It being the first weekend in December, this is normally when we would head down to Galveston for the annual Dickens on the Strand festival.


Alas, the weather is supposed to be so godawful this weekend that it seems unlikely that it will happen this year.  We’re still holding out hope for a Chucky Miracle, but it doesn’t look good.


tiredgirlonwayhomeTaken at last year’s Dickens.

Man…those little Santa socks still get me.

So I suppose we’ll just have to figure out another way to entertain ourselves this weekend.  I know my vote would be a whole lot of couch time + ordering in + reviewing each Westworld episode before the season finale happens on Sunday.  I might get vetoed on that one, though.

Wow.  That reminds me that we still haven’t watched last week’s Walking Dead episode yet.  You know, I think that show could be starting to lose some of its luster…

Okay, have a fantastic weekend everyone. See you Monday.


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