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Looking for a job is…unpleasant.

I feel like all I’m doing is fielding a bunch of calls from some shady headhunters with even shadier “offers.”

I created a job huntin’ Gmail account (and a Google Voice number) to advertise on the myriad hiring sites out there. And as a result my phone is getting blown up with spam texts and emails all day, albeit none from places where I’m really hoping to land a position. Those places are all being rather coy…to put it lightly.

Had my second interview here today which went…okay.

Fortunately we’re still in a space where we can coast for another few months, financially speaking, before we have to start panicking. I’d just really rather get the ball rolling and get back to work so we won’t have tax our safety net too hard.
That and I can stop feeling like a deadbeat dad…

Speaking of being a dad, and of our favorite little girl, she’s had a pretty great week. Her therapy on Monday went very well (she’s started playing with the multi-colored soap bubbles, whereas a couple weeks ago she was utterly horrified by the idea of even touching them) and there’s been some word sightings here and there. A few “dada“s, a “mama,” a “pig,” and,on Wednesday morning she reached her arms around my neck and squeezed while, very clearly, saying “hug.”
This, obviously, made my entire day.

Daph is also paying a lot more attention to Jib these days. Things like rubbing him with her feet, petting him occasionally, and today she rested her hand on his back for a while during our afternoon walk.

She’s even sharing her woobie with him.

Jib didn’t take it! She put it here! Promise!

I actually have to bribe the big guy with treats to get him to leave her room at night so I can shut the door.

Best dog in the world.

Okay I’m off. See you next week.


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