Hey there.

So after 6 weeks of job hunting, it became apparent that I need to do more than just sit on the couch with a laptop and grind away at sending out resumes all day. (Sure I’m also getting the house ready to sell and tinkering with my own startup…but the job hunt is the primary focus.) Being that sedentary is really not good for anyone.

So on Tuesday I started using the Nike NTC app

The Nike+ Nike Training Club?

The plan was to do some yoga a few times a week, just to keep things from atrophying, you know? And my Day One yoga was great! Lots of stretching, interspersed with downward dogs, cat and cows, scorpions, and the rest of the Bikram barnyard.

It felt so great, in fact, that I followed it up with 20 minutes of meditation via the Headspace app. (Better living through iTunes!) Then slept like a baby.

The next day, the Nike app helpfully reminded me that I needed to do my second workout.

“Sure!” I thought. “That last one was awesome… OKAY PHONE, TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO!”

And the phone said, “You should do a thing called Floor to Core.”

“YES! OKAY PHONE! LET’S DO FLOOR TO-wait… That doesn’t sound like yoga.”

It wasn’t yoga.

It was 30 minutes of exercises that, if I were 22, I would’ve laughed about and effortlessly breezed through while smoking a cigarette and managing to look bored and aloof.

At 42…not so much.

Things like lunges and squats and planks and push-ups and not a single friendly farm animal anywhere. And I’m embarrassed to say that it beat the hell out of me. My butt cheeks currently feel like someone swapped them for a size too small.

But it didn’t stop me from doing my workout today, right before taking my calls with recruiters. And I’m quite glad no one was here for it, because I whined and wheezed like a rusty robot mule the entire time.

However if I’m going to have to keep doing these Daphne Horsey Curls (See? Farm animals! Is that so hard, Nike?) then I’m definitely going to require some continued exercise.

See you soon.


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