Under the Wire

I’m juuust going to get this post in before the weekend…

Hi guys.

Obviously my days have been filled with a lot of resume writing, job researching, house cleaning, business starting and Daphne watching, so there hasn’t been much in the way of free time to do a blog post.

But it’s Friday, and Daph is napping at her Gramps and Nana’s place, so I have a few minutes to catch up.

And I basically just did.

Aside from the above, we’ve had our weekly classes at the ECI which have been kind of hit or miss.

Daphne complies with nearly everything that we ask her to do, she’s just not happy about having to do so. And I say “nearly” because she staunchly refuses to put her hands in the cornmeal/PlayDoh buckets (otherwise known as “the sensory bin”) that they give her every week.
I can’t say as I blame her.
It’s pretty gross. I don’t like putting my hands in it either…

She’s doing well though. She’s only had 4 classes and she’s doing some of the things she’s learned in class at home. (For example, she’s bringing us pictures of the things she wants to play with and exchanges the picture for the toy.) She’s still non-verbal, of course, but I think we’re getting closer to hearing some words…


With the new schedule, however, there’s plenty of time for Daddy Grooming…

“Look at him…he’s a mess!”

“Let’s comb through this side a bit…”

“Press a few things back into place over here…”

“There.  Much better.”

There’s also been a lot of playing with Officer Judy Hopps, who is rapidly becoming one of her favorites.


But it’s really fun when Daddy repeats what Judy is saying…

Okay, it’s Friday. And we haven’t been to Braman in almost a month. (I don’t think we’ve been there in 2018?) So, I think I’m going to take a break from all the things I’m doing that aren’t technically a “job,” and have a beer or two.

See you guys next week.


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