More Time

Hi there.

So there is one fantastic thing about being sans employment. (Well, two if you count escaping the fear-fueled, soul-sucking mire that passes for a “company culture” at my former employer.)

Being able to spend more time just being Dad.

Daphne and I eat breakfast together every morning without my having to take meetings in the middle of our meal. I get to pick out her clothes for the day and brush her hair. I’ve taken on her daily speech therapy, coaxing her into non-preferred activities and structured play. In that vein, I’ve even started her on her very first board game.

We’re not quite to full on “Bingo” game play just yet; we’re starting things out by simply matching the tiles to the pictures and trying to say the words. But she’ll get there.

We also get to nap together in the afternoons, do our lunchy-snack thing afterward, and…we get to take walks.

Here she is casting Magic Missile at some geese.

“Praise the sun!”

And while I’m very focused on our three–ring fiscal acrobatics, finding a job, selling the house, and starting Shaw VR (yes, the website is essentially finished…I just have a few more tidbits left), I’m also reminding myself not to look past this moment, and bear in mind how lucky I am to get so spend this much time with my little girl.

And it seems like she doesn’t mind it either.

See you guys next week.


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