Boys of October

So I haven’t mentioned this very often on here (mostly because they were so damned awful last year), but we are huge Red Sox fans ’round these parts.

DaphneSox2My God, was she really this small just a year ago?


Serious throwback pic.  This is in ’04.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, the Red Sox are still in first place in the AL East with just 2 weeks left in the season.

But, perhaps more importantly, Hanley Ramirez hit an absolute dream crusher last night in the bottom of the 9th against the Yankees.  One that might  very well have knocked them out of contention for the playoffs.   And absolutely warms my soul.

The roar of the crowd when the ball leaves the bat gives me shivers.

This is, hands down, the best sports time of the year for me.  Baseball is heading to the playoffs.  The Texans season has sprung eternal.  And there’s no NBA nonsense to get in the way on SportsCenter.

That said, things are far from sewn up there on Yawkey Way.  There are 16 games left and it’s still anyone’s division.
Hang in there, fellas…

Okay, I’ll see you guys on Monday.  Have an awesome weekend.


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