On the Mend & His Royal Badness

So Jen is starting to feel better; she actually went to work today.
Thanks for the well-wishings.

We’re still holding out hope that Daphne’s immune system, and mine for that matter, hang on and battle back any wayward bacteria we might’ve come in contact with.  That said, I realize that’s asking a lot, considering the former is less than a year old and the latter has 40 years of being recklessly shredded.

Crossing fingers and spraying to the Lysol.

IfeelfinedaddyIrreverent Daddy…

And finally, for posterity, we lost yet another Artist today.  Ready your Facebook feeds, it seems that Prince died this morning.


And thinking about Prince inevitably brings me back to the following video:

I still use the “Shaka mad?” quote all the time…


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