The Overwatch Closed Beta is over.  And I have had no idea what to do with my nights all week. I’ve been trying to find reasonable substitutes, and have found each game lacking.

I played some MtGO, but I’m starting to grow weary of the saltiness of my opponents.  See, I prefer to brew my own decks rather than copy/paste someone else’s list off the Internet.  The problem with that is, the people on the Net and I often come to the same conclusions about cards and decks, so I get accused of “netlisting” constantly by my opponents, who subsequently ragequit the game.  That isn’t fun for anyone.

So instead I’ve practiced a little X-Wing on the dining room table, and that appears to be working quite well.  Although I’m now routinely wrecking the people I go up against at my local shop.  So much so that I’m starting to garner a bit of a reputation, and so I think I need to back off a little and play some squadrons that are less on the competitive side and a bit more “fun.”

I tried playing some Heroes of the Storm, but that game is every bit as boring as it was back when I tested it in alpha, so I quickly uninstalled it.

I also tried Stardew Valley, but I’m not obsessive-compulsive enough to play that game.  (And that’s saying something.)

stardewvalfarmI simply don’t care enough about organizing virtual olericulture.

And so it goes.

I just need my damn Overwatch back.

Fortunately it’s going into a free open beta on Monday (God help us), which will run for a week before it shuts down once more.  Then the final game releases on May 24th.

So I just need to find something to scratch my gaming itch until then…

Okay I’m off.  See you Monday.


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