Open Roofs and AVON Walks

Hey there.

So the baseball game this weekend was…  Well, it was hot.

It seems that if the temperature is 84 degrees or less 2 hours before gametime, the roof remains open at Minute Maid Park.
And it was exactly 84 degrees.
This would’ve been fine if we were on the 3rd base side, and thusly in the shade, but we were on the 1st base side, in direct sunlight, with almost no breeze.

soxminutemaid1My kingdom for a visitors’ side seat…

And so we just sweltered.

I say “we,” but Daphne was only out on the field for one inning before it became too hot for her.  Jen and Cary took her to the shaded concourse for a few innings then decided, and rightly so, to just take her home.  (That 2 car thing was a good idea after all…)

We did have Daph out there for long enough to snap quite a few pictures though.  So, as promised:

firstsoxwhatarethey“So this is it?”

firstsoxthissucks“It’s very hot out here, Daddy.”

firstsoxyawnClearly a fan of the intricacies of the infield shift.

soxfamily2“No Mommy, you wear it down low.  Gangsta style.  Like this.”


firstsoxback4Pink Sox Thug Life.
firstsoxback7Good Lord, that’s cute.
  firstsoxbackhat2“So all these people came here, for this?”

soxfamily5Sox family. 

And on BumbleDay afternoon, in lieu of our usual leisurely stroll around the creek, we instead drove to Stude Park in the Heights to be there as my mom crossed the finish line of the AVON 39 Breast Cancer Walk.

finshlineavonwalk2 Days, 39 miles.

And it was awesome to see so many people rallying under one cause.  All in the hopes that my daughter, and her daughters, will never have to suffer from this disease.


avonwalkDaphne took this very seriously. 

And that was pretty much our weekend.  So, now that I’ve destroyed the bandwidth limits on your cell phone contracts, I’ll wrap this one up.

See you tomorrow.


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