Auto Response

This one is going to be short, since I’m waiting on the Xmas lights guys to arrive and install my lights in the middle of a mid-autumn monsoon.

So, on Sunday we brought Daphne to Whole Foods (like we do), and all was as fantastic as usual.  She was perfectly well-behaved and the nearby beer vendor was amazed at how adorable and angelic she was.

That kid is blowing my mind…
Direct quote.

After our Old Chub and grilled cheese, we picked up the week’s groceries and headed out.  But on the way to the car there was a (clearly) new father sitting on the picnic benches with his baby in a stroller.  And the kid was just wailing.
But, rather than pushing the kid around or giving him/her something to play with…he just glared into the pram and ‘SHHHHHH!”d the kid as loud as he could.  Which, for those not in the know, tends to have the opposite effect on an infant.

The kid just wailed louder.

I stood there for a moment, then looked down to find that I was actually rocking our groceries back and forth in the cart in an attempt to soothe them.  Yes, my brain heard “baby crying!” and didn’t care whose baby it was.  It just went into Auto-Dad and started rocking whatever the rolling/pushy thing in my hands happened to be.

shopping cartThere there, little veggies.  There there…



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