Hi there.

It seems yesterday’s post struck a chord with you guys; thanks for all the positive feedback.  I appreciate it.  Which unfortunately means that today’s post is going to suck by comparison, because there’s really not a whole lot going on.

We’re starting our holiday ramp-up thing, as Jen begins Thanksgiving break tomorrow afternoon.  I realize that you teachers out there live for these little respites but, just so you know, your spouses are all about them too.  It’ll be nice to spend some time sipping coffee and chatting with my wife in the morning before I head to work.  I think that’s my favorite part about Jen’s holiday breaks.

Speaking of which, this weekend will mark our Thanksgiving trip to Whole Foods.  Which means it’s high time I worked out this year’s turkey recipe.

vaderalteringI am altering the brine.  Pray I do not alter it any further.



No.  I couldn’t possibly divulge the secret ingredient that I’m adding this year.
Absolutely not.
Okay, I suppose I could give you a hint…
It rhymes with, “Grayple Burrup.”
I’ll say no more.

Daphne is doing well.  Although it occurred to me today that the pictures I have of her in my office are already a bit dated.

daphnedeskpicframeThis was taken during her, “Bald and Amazed” stage.

You know, I’m not quite sure of the proper way to do this.  Is it copacetic to just swap out the pictures?  Or is it decorum to buy all new frames and just kinda create a cascading timeline of fatherhood on your desk?

daphandjerfirsthalloweenThis one from Halloween merits inclusion.

Guess I’ll work on that.

Okay, see you tomorrow.


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