The Daphne Holiday Waltz

So we hung one of those bouncy-jumpy-chair-thingies from the doorway to the utility closet this weekend.  Daphne wasn’t so sure about it the first time we dropped her into it, and demanded to be lifted back out within seconds.

But the second time?

The second time it was on like Donkey Kong.

[[The version without The Waltz of the Flowers is pretty awesome too.  Particularly all of her excited squeaks and “whoaaa“s.]]

So the rest of the week is going to be a bit wonky for me.  Pending no fires break out between now and EOB, I’m taking Wednesday off to prepare the house for family and to start brining one Thaddeus T. Turkey.

thaddeusturkeyHopefully he’ll turn out as good as his forebears, Thurman and Templeton.


I mention this so, if the posting is rather sparse the rest of the week (or nonexistent), you’ll know why.


If I don’t talk to you beforehand, have a fantastic Thanksgiving everyone, and I’ll see you on Monday with the BumbleHoliday recap.



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