Land of Lansdowne

Today is Red Sox day.



Dad, Derek and I are headed in later this afternoon to watch the ‘Stros beat the hell out of the lowly Red Sox once again.  That’s still a very difficult thing for me to type.  Not to mention the disparity between the two payrolls is a mere $95 million.  (And I’ll give you three guesses as to who spent more money for less wins, and the first two don’t count…)

You know, there was a time when I never missed a Sox game in Houston.  I’d blow hundreds of dollars on box seats along the 3rd base line for the entire series, and show up early to watch BP.

Alas, as you might imagine, I have other pressing financial obligations these days, and as such I don’t see nearly as many games as I once did.  I’m quite fine with this trade, especially since the Sox have been godawful, but it’ll be nice to catch a ballgame with 3 of the 4 living Shaw gentlemen this evening.  (The other is in Atlanta, so he’s unlikely to make it.)


I briefly considered, back when we planned out going to this game, bringing Daphne to the ballpark.  However I’m still not comfortable bringing her out with that many people around.  It also just occurred to me that her Unhappy Hour would start about 45 minutes after the first pitch.

Looks like your first game will have to be a matinee, kid.

daphgosoxGo Sox.






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