The First Supper



Okay, let’s talk about Armada for a moment.  It’s most certainly not on the level of Ready Player One, but it’s…well, it’s pretty good. The characters are hackneyed and the plot is definitely lacking in believability but, at the very least, the scattered pop culture references have been fun.  Gets a good, solid 7 1/2 from me, and I’ve about 75 pages to go to the end.

It did remind me of an old Activision program that I loved as a kid, though.  Back in the day, you could take a Polaroid of your high score in an Activision game, and mail this “proof” to their corporate HQ, and in a few weeks they’d mail you back a patch.

For example, you only needed 20,000 in Pitfall to get this one, a feat I regularly accomplished…when I was 7.

These were the very first “unlockable achievements,” and I think they might want to revisit this practice.  You could even sell a letterman jacket to go with it.  It’d be like the Geek Pandora.
Anyway, I’m tempted to go beat a bunch of these scores on an emulator, then order knock-off patches from eBay.

In other geek-related news, Saga has gone on their hiatus once again.  I realize the necessity for such breaks, but man does it suck to have to wait months for a new issue.  Bleh.  Fortunately Rat Queens, East of West and Lazarus are starting back up soon, so I’ll have something to pull on my weekly Wednesday Comixology binge.  And I just realized all of those are from Image…  Still killing it after all these years.  Nice.

I don’t really have a whole lot planned for the weekend.  Jen and I are trying our first dinner out with Daphne tonight at D’Amico’s.  Although we’re attempting it during “Hoary Hour” (meaning we’re having dinner before 6pm), so as to dodge the crowds and not bother anyone if Daphne decides to freak out.

Wish us luck…


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