Dear Daughter – Three Months


Somehow a couple months have rocketed by, and you’re officially 3 months old today.  I looked back at your one month post and was astonished at how much you’ve grown in these past 60 days.  You barely look like the same kid.  (Although if we go back 2 months from that point, you were still in the womb…so you probably would’ve looked rather different then too.)

Your mother and grandmother still read books to you daily, and you seem to really enjoy this time with them.  This is a past time that I can wholeheartedly get behind.

In stark contrast to this, you’ve also discovered television recently and (depending on what’s on), it can actually hold your attention for 2, perhaps 3 minutes at a time.  I realize that might not sound like much to you now, but at the time it was pretty miraculous.  And it’s not just the TV; you’ve become much more aware of everything around you.  Although your favorite thing on Earth is still the damn ceiling fan.

IMG_1208I appreciate its effect on you, but I’ll never understand the fascination…

The last time I wrote one of these, you had just figured out how to stop your father’s heart by simply smiling at him.  He’s happy to report that you still do this.  Often.


Even when you’re tired and fussy, you can’t help but crack a little smile at me, then go back to your regularly scheduled grouchiness.

And I really need one of those smiles right now.  Because this morning we found out that daddy’s puppy is very sick.  So sick that he might go to puppy heaven soon.  And right now, your father is having to type this while grimacing, his eyes closed, just to stop the tears from running down his face.
It’s too soon to tell, as Jib has surgery this week.  For now we’ll just wait and hope.

And how about that.  You and your mother have just arrived home.  So I’m off to collect one of those smiles.




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