There was a weekend?  Where?

Because it feels like I chased Daphne around for a few hours, sat down to prep a character for Legion, and then suddenly it was Monday and I had to head back to work.


The weekend we did have was fine though, thanks for asking.

Most of it was spent around the house, addressing a few of the requirements of modern suburban domesticity.  Things like clipping back the crepe myrtles, trimming the hedges, yanking some weeds, replacing light bulbs, and continuing my ongoing campaign of violence against a marauding colony of ants.  (Those damn things will be the death of me…)



We also treated ourselves and went out for some Tex-Mex on Sunday afternoon.  Normally we’d go to Tony’s but, given the gastrointestinal hullabaloo that we suffered on our last trip there, we decided to try out El Tiempo instead.

Now, I used to love the El Tiempo on Washington (granted, I think I mostly just had margaritas there), so I was pretty sure that I’d enjoy the West Hou. version as well.


And the food was…fine.  Nothing spectacular.  Slightly bland.  Less impressive than a Pappasito’s.

What was impressive, however, was the bill that arrived afterward.  My chicken fajitas came to $40.49.  I ask you, in what world does one pound of chicken equate to two Jacksons?

Mind.  Blown.



Anyway, Jen picked up the tab.  And I was so surly about the whole ordeal that, on my way out, I avenged this pollo plundering by pocketing the two blue crayons they brought for Daphne…

eltiempocrayonsNeatly folded into a menu/pocket protector.

Along with a handful of what I assumed were spearmint-flavored candies.

I assumed wrong.

They were, in fact, “key lime” candies, which tasted not entirely dissimilar to sucking on a urinal cake.  An unwelcome wallop to a palate that was fully anticipating a post-meal mint.  You win this round, El Tiempo.


So, as you might’ve guessed, we’re officially done with Casa del Extorsión, and will be going back to Tony’s.



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