What’re You Lookin’ At…

So, let’s talk about Singamajigs for a moment.

For those who don’t suffer through Baby First on their television 24 hours a day, you’ve probably never seen a Singamajig.

Well, allow me to ruin that little streak of luck.

singamajig2The little tongue… Horrifying.

That, friends, is a Singamajig.  Or, to use the BumbleDad parlance, Arseface plushies.

Now on their own these things would be disturbing enough, but apparently (according to their commercials anyway), the little bastards move in howling, feral packs.

Apparently Australia has already been overrun. No big loss.

The first time we saw their commercial (which is different from the one above but hasn’t been posted online anywhere), I sat unblinking through the entire thing.  Frozen in disbelief and horror.

“How is that even a real thing?” I remember saying.  “I mean, who in the hell would want one of those things?”

Then I looked down.

singamajiggrindaphOh please God, no…

Yes, the keening call of the Singamajig has ensorcelled my daughter.   Now every time the commercial comes on she runs to the living room to giggle and point at them.  And so, begrudgingly, I’ve started the process of inviting one of these vile, chanting, battery-powered little demons into my home.

Although, in my Googling, I did find the following video:

So maybe they’re not all bad?


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