Weekend Dreams

Hi there.

Our original dinner plans were thwarted by yet another onset of Evening Fussiness, so instead we stuck around the house and ordered take-out from Center Court Pizza, which was tolerable but not nearly as good as pie from say, Brother’s or Russo’s.  (And certainly nowhere near the deliciousness of D’Amico’s.)  So it goes.

The pizza also caused me some seriously peculiar dreams. I dreamt on Friday night that Jen had purchased a hamster for our daughter, but had decided that keeping its cage in Daphne’s bassinet was a good idea.  I looked down to find the little rodent had escaped from between the bars of its tiny cell, and left sunflower seeds and pellet turds everywhere in D’s bed.  I got as far as, “Uh…Hon, what the hell is this?” before the sheer ridiculousness of the whole scene woke me up.

daphhamsterBasically this, but not as poorly Photoshopped.

I also dreamt last night that I returned to my doctor, stepped on their scale, and weighed over 225 lbs.  The dejection was very real.  I had to weigh myself three times this morning just to be sure I hadn’t somehow gained 30 lbs. overnight.
Clearly this is a not-so-subtle message from my subconscious.  Specifically, “lay off the pizza and Double Doozies, you brownie hound.

See you tomorrow.


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