Man, I really don’t have a whole lot to talk about today.

Daphne is doing just fine.  She’s settled into a relatively stable pattern of sleep, waking only once per night at around 3am for her bottle.  That said, she completely deviated from this Bedtime Policy on Tuesday night, which in turn wreaked all manner of havoc with our slar phase.

daphnnaphand“Too bad you can’t have a nap like me instead of leaving for work, Dad…”

Last night things went back to normal though, so all’s well there.

We’ve also noticed that drool has begun to flow more copiously over these past few days.  As such, Jen thinks that D’s first tooth might be in the process of sprouting.  A prospect that is both exciting, and a bit worrisome.

I mean, can babies still breastfeed with teeth?  Because having teeth would suggest a burgeoning instinct to chew, and that sounds incredibly painful.

Anyway, there’s very little to report right now.  And to be honest, I’m totally fine with that.

I’ll have to come up with something for Freeplay Friday tomorrow, though…  Hmm.

See you then.


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