We’re just going by her general attitude here…

But I think she’s getting better.

The failmometer is still showing a temperature between 98.9 and 99.7, but the mean between those two ranges is slightly lower than what we have been seeing.  So I guess that’s good.


I desperately needed a bit of a break last night, so I took off directly after work to play some X-Wing/Destiny at my local shop.  Which was really good.

I picked up this adorable little guy…

The “Quadjumper.”

And subsequently flew him to very little effect in the one game I played with him.

Was fun though.

I’m a little tired today as a result of coming home late, but it was all worth it.  That and Daph and I got about 30 minutes of cuddle/LBB time this morning to make up for my not seeing her last night.

Good times.

Okay, see you tomorrow!


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