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Hi there.

So we’ve been home for a bit now and I wish I could say things are settling down. But they really aren’t.

I’ve already been back out to Seguin once for testing of that startup thing I keep talking about.

You know what? I’ll just spill the beans a bit on it…

It’s called Shaw VR. (Caveat emptor: I’m still working on several pages of that site.)

The elevator pitch is that I’m trying to bring virtual reality to retirement and assisted living communities, and in doing so bring some semblance of travel back to those who might not be able to do so on their own. With the VR headset, I can bring up virtually any spot in the world, from the Eiffel Tower, to the Pyramids of Giza, to deserted beaches, to walking tours of Westminster Abbey, all the way down to old home addresses and schools.

And while it isn’t exactly like being there, it’s still a pretty very visceral and moving experience. I ran my first test of the process last weekend with my grandmother, who had always wanted to see the Greek islands and the Parthenon.

We also did an underwater diving experience.

The whole thing went better than I expected, and I was able to control quite a bit of the VR software even while not wearing the headset. (That was one of my biggest technical question marks, and while it isn’t perfect, I can do it.)

I don’t know whether this will become an actual business. I’ve gone through a lot of the inexpensive stuff so far, like getting an EIN number, registering with the Secretary of State, creating a website, and opening a business checking account.
Heck, I even have a P.O. box.


At some point, though, I’m going to have to either go all in on this idea, spend the money on a laptop that can run my headset (about a $2,500 venture), and start demoing the experience with activity directors…or simply set the whole thing aside. Obviously our lives are in a massive amount of upheaval right now, which means the timing for this is either terrible…or perfect.

That said, I have a proof of concept now. And given where VR is heading I feel like this is the right place and the right time. Not to mention I think it would be a huge help to a demographic that is almost always overlooked in developing technology.

And…it’s just fun.

BumbleGrandma slicing up strawberries and coconuts in Fruit Ninja

The question is, can I make it work?
I guess time will tell.

Meanwhile, back in our reality, Daphne had been a bit under the weather earlier this week, with a lot of sniffling and sneezing and generally feeling cruddy. Fortunately it was a short-lived cold, and she seems to be on the mend now.

Nothing that a little apple juice and Baby Bum while riding a zebra can’t cure.

In fact, she’s at the library today with her Grandma Sally…hopefully that’s going well.

And finally, last weekend my sister-in-law had her daughter.

Welcome to the world and to our family, little Rosalyn. It’s nice to meet you. I’ll be playing the part of your weird uncle.

See you soon.


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