Swinging to Sleep

Always too short, those weekends.

Saturday we took Daphne over to the local park to swing for a bit.

Which was great fun until she started to doze off whilst still in the swing…

So Jen took her back home and I drove over to my Friendly Local Gaming Store to prep for the tournaments at PAX this weekend.  And it would appear that my earlier fears were rather prophetic…

Turns out, I am the local bully.

I played 7 or 8  games of Star Wars: Destiny and lost only once.  Then switched over to X-Wing and wrecked my poor opponent’s Rebel squadron so badly that no one else wanted to play.

Which is when the store got salty.

People began to commiserate about how I always win, no matter the game.  How my decks and/or lists are inevitably unfair.  How lucky I am with my dice.  How I’m a “try hard.” And comparisons to me being the equivalent of a high schooler beating up on elementary-aged kids began to float around.

This scene in Billy Madison was brought up a few times.

Now granted, most of this was tongue-in-cheek.  And I replied with smirks and a lot of, “oh come on, now…
But it did go on for the rest of the evening and made things kinda awkward, you know?

Anyway, there are certainly worse things than being good at games.  And of course, now that I’ve said all this my dice and cards will go stone cold and I’ll get wrecked at everything I play at PAX.

Karmic justice.

Anyway, BumbleDay saw us doing our usual thing.  Breakfast, then a whole lot of reading and playroom time.

All of that really sounds like it means something to her

Snapped a quick trick block stack before the girl could find it and smash it.

Cerberus guards the exit to the slide.

“Your own…  Personal…  Penguin.”

After Jen returned from Pure Barre we decided to forego our typical grocery store trip in favor of lounging around the house.  We put Daphne to bed at about 9, and Jen finally got to finish watching Westworld with me. Which was, sadly, about the only time we got to spend together the entire weekend.

Hopefully we’ll remedy that later this week.

See you tomorrow.


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