Fake Plastic Trees

No, I’m not talking about Radiohead.

Although that is one of my favorite songs of theirs.

No, I’m going much more geeky than that. (Are you shocked by this?)  I’m talking about the tiny tree-people models, called “Sylvaneth,” that I’ve been putting together over the past week.


These things have a LOT of little fiddly bits.

“Come closer kids, and let me show you how only YOU can prevent forest fires.” 

I’ve no idea if I’m ever going to actually play this game, but my brother and I ended up buying it for each other for Christmas this year so hopefully we’ll give it a shot one of these days.

Besides, the methodical focus necessary to put them together is remarkably calming and has made for a fantastic de-stresser in what has otherwise been a…challenging work week.

The concept of having to paint them, however, is blowing my mind.

Mine will never look this good…

Anyway, looking ahead to the weekend I don’t think we have a whole lot on the docket.  As a matter of fact, I imagine we’re going to take things pretty slow for the next couple days, given that we’re leaving town on Thursday.

[[Pausing for the Presidential Inauguration]]

Well then…  His “It’s Dusk in America” tone certainly hasn’t changed.
Okay, moving on.

So Daphne has gravitated more and more toward her My Little Pony book this week.  And as such I’m having to vocalize things that I never, ever thought I’d say aloud.  Things like, “Twilight Sparkle’s cutie mark is a star!  Princess Celestia has sent her to Ponyville to learn about the magic of friendship.

“And Spike the Dragon is slipping Adderall into Pinkie Pie’s cake.”

Someday she’s not going to let me make up my own stories to go with these…

Okay, I’m out.

See you Monday!


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