Swiped, Swindled & Hornswaggled

So my credit card information was stolen yesterday afternoon.  I’m typically pretty careful about where I use it, so I guess I must’ve gotten skimmed at one of the shady gas stations on my trip home from Dallas.

The sad little plebes who forged my card first treated themselves to the finest, most Lucullan dining experience their little minds could fathom.  By this, of course, I mean they had a $65 meal at the local Chili’s.

chiliesthievesThis Chili’s in particular, in Rockford, IL.

After which, they drove to the purveyor of the finest goods and services in any city, renowned the world over for extravagance and quality unparallelled.   Yes, I’m speaking of none other than Circle K.  And they hit it up to the tune of $143.29.

Yes, this one.

Now I ask you, how in God’s name of convenience do you spend nearly $150 at a Circle K?  Because I don’t think I could Brewster’s Millions that one if I tried.
I guess you buy cartons of cigarettes?  That’s gotta be the most expensive item in a Circle K, right?  They might also have resale value if you broke them into packs…
Then again, if this person had any kind of fiscal sagacity they wouldn’t be stealing credit cards for a living, so maybe they just bought all the Funyuns and Bud Light they could carry.

Anyway, my hat is off to Frost Bank.  Apparently they knew me well enough to know that I’d never drop that kind of coin in a convenience store (yes, the fact that it was in Illinois might’ve had something to do with it as well), and shut down my card immediately afterward.
I called them at about 10:30 last night, and a person actually answered their phone.  A person who was not only able to set me up with a new card, he didn’t even have to transfer me to another department to do so.   He just took care of it.  All of the money the Baby Back Bandits stole from me was instantly credited to my account, and the entire process took roughly 10 minutes.

I’ve been a vocal fan of Frost Bank for years, and things like this are exactly why.

So now I just have to wait a few days for my new card to arrive, which will mark the beginning of the highly irritating task of replacing all my auto-draft stuff with the new card number.




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