Soup Yet?


Hard to believe, but yes.  There are only 10 days left until D-Day.  Of course, Daphne might have her own exodus strategy in mind…  Just in case things start to go long, I’m formulating a plan involving tiny, easy-to-swallow “This Way to the Egress!” signs in arrow shapes.

Jen has been suffering a serious bout of skin itchiness on her stomach for the past few days.  Which makes sense, there’s a whole lot of stretching happening there.  We’ve mollified this malady by base-coating her belly in calamine lotion.  I’m told this has helped immensely.  It has also had the side-effect of making her midsection look not entirely unlike Kirby.

I busied myself over the weekend with The Great Plastic Boil of 2015.

soupboil“Is it soup yet?”

These, along with several tubs of bottles, all cooked for 5 minutes at a time so as to get all the factory-installed grukkiness off of them.  Now the bottle lawn, as well as an additional dish towel, are completely covered in Bisphenol free plastic bits.

At this point I just need a cunning strategy to convince my wife that we should box up the barware that’s filling four shelves of cabinet space so we’ll have room for Daphne’s decanters.  I feel that one’s going to be a difficult sell…

See you tomorrow,


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