Those of you in the Greater Houston area undoubtedly heard/felt the storm that came through last night.  The pack of puppies at our house certainly did. (We’re dog-sitting for my brother & sister-in-law this weekend.)   There was a whole lot of whining and cowering, and Jib repeatedly locked himself into various rooms around the house to convey his displeasure.

And he’s not the only one.

Last year at about this time, our roof sprung a leak during one of these downpours and water cascaded through the ceiling and down onto our bedroom floor.  So during every storm since, I’ve been unreasonably anxious that it’s going to happen again and I wander the house with my neck craned upward at the ceiling, surveying the house for potential soggy spots.

Thankfully, things have cleared for the time being, and we got to have another long walk this morning.





I apologize for the poor camera work.  Alex was not being cooperative and kept yanking his leash.

Finally, you’ve all more than likely seen the following trailer that was released yesterday, but I’m posting it here for posterity.  That opening shot of the landspeeder careening by the downed Imperial Destroyer is fantastic…


Have a great weekend.


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