Sound of Settling

I’d like to pause for a moment here and thank Morpheus for his work with my daughter this week.

sandmanwelcome“You are welcome, Bumbler of the Dads.”

We were a little concerned given how restless she was on Sunday night, but fortunately she’s gone right back to her circadian groove of going to sleep at 9:30, waking up at 4:30am for a 6 oz. bottle, then sacking out until about 7:45.

I don’t think I could ask for a better nighttime schedule from a 5-month-old.

It’s taken about a month, but I think we’ve settled into a groove in our morning routine as well.  I get right up once she starts with the squawking at 7:45, then carry her downstairs with me and get back into bed.  We lie there for about 15 minutes or so while I wake up…

morningselfiefixAnd, you know, take a few selfies…

Then she gets shuttled between the SnugaMonkey and the Joovy Yahd while Dad showers/cleans up/gets dressed/feeds the dogs/makes breakfast/etc.  After which it’s time to walk the puppies, which might be Daphne’s favorite part of our morning routine.  Trees are an amazing thing to someone who’s only seen them a handful of times…

jibdaphwalk1“Glorioski!  Is that a Quercus virginiana?”

Sadly, pushing her stroller while keeping an eye on Jib and fighting with Alex on his leash is a bit too much to deal with, so poor Alex has to wait for his walk until grandma gets there and can watch Daphne for me.  Thus, Jib gets 2 walks.  This is a burden he has yet to complain about.

All told it has certainly gotten easier than our first day.

For the time being, anyway; hopefully writing this doesn’t jinx it…


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