Sick Day

No, not me.

Turns out Daphne picked up a nasty little bug at Giggles & Fun on Friday (we think that’s where she got it, anyway), and has been running a fever that’s oscillated between 99.6 and 100.4 since Saturday night.

I’ve been a bit distracted by this, and thus no post yesterday; sorry about that.

“Do you have any idea how hard it is to suck your thumb with a stuffy nose?” 

“Okay, Daddy.  No more pictures.  I don’t feel good.”

I think the most difficult thing about having a sick toddler, aside from the parental desire to take Ripley’s flamethrower to the infectious little vermin that are causing said sickness, is trying to get the kid to stop careening around the house like a tiny pinball and get some rest.

This never lasts long.

Jen actually talked to a nurse at the pediatrician’s office today, and they recommended we wait until she’s had a fever for 5 days before bringing her in.  That and this morning Daphne’s temp had lowered to 99.3 with her last dose of Tylenol at 9pm the night before, so it could be that her little body is starting to battle back on its own.

Rationally, I know that this needs to happen so she can build an immune system, but it’s excruciating when she wakes up several times a night because her nose is stuffed up, and be unable to do anything to help her feel better.

Now that the fever is (hopefully), subsiding, we’re going to get some Zyrtec to see about that congestion.

Talk to you later.


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