Slow Train to Daphsville

The weekend is upon us again!

And after the chaos of last weekend, I’m looking forward to taking this one rather slow.

And speaking of “slow,” I’ve mentioned this to several of you before but I thought I’d put it up here for everybody.  There’s a bizarre and magnificent series on Netflix called “Slow TV” and it completely redefines what television can be.

It’s…well, it’s really, really slow.

For example, this video is the entire 7 hour and 14 minute train ride from one side of Norway to the other, in real time…on one camera.

It’s hypnotic, it’s relaxing, and it makes for fantastic background TV.  So if you’re looking for something different to put on before or after the Super Bowl (or during Lady Gaga’s halftime set), that won’t interrupt conversation…this is the stuff you’re looking for.

In stark contrast to “slow,” it looks like there was a return trip to Giggles & Fun today…


Good times.

Okay folks.  I’m out of here for the weekend.  See you Monday and go [NFL team of your choice]!


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