Getting back down to where it should be.

The little girl is still pretty raspy and snarfy but, with the assistance of some children’s Zyrtec, she seems to be on the mend.  Thank you for sending all the good healing juju vibes her way.

“Dank you.  My dose is a liddle bit bedder now.”


The sudden onset of 90 degree weather is causing the deciduous devils around here to blast their reproductive gook directly into my nasal passages (read as: the pollen is really high right now), so I’m not feeling so hot either.

But Daphne being on the mend certainly has me feeling better than I otherwise would.

And speaking of feeling better, here’s a quick video of her pre-sickness trip to Sniffles Giggles & Fun.

I love the Dr. Seuss Zax moment there at the end.  She’s seconds from pulling a Hoffman, “I’m walkin’ here!” on that little girl in the purple scooter.

Yeah, that’s right. I just frappéd Midnight Cowboy with The Zax.
Don’t judge.

See you tomorrow.


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