Nighttime Plans

Is it possible for a human being, particularly a tiny one, to forget how to sleep properly?

Because I happen to know of a little girl who has taken to resting in 90 minute increments, and it’s causing her father to glare at the Summer Baby Monitor on his nightstand with the fury of a thousand suns.

Every night we do the same thing.  It’s rice cereal, then a bath, then into the jammies, a goodnight hug from Dad with instructions/a prayer to “please sleep through the night, little one,” and then she has a bottle while Jen rocks her to sleep.

bedtimeplansOh she has a plan, alright…

And for the past couple weeks, it’s been exceptionally rare for her to sleep for longer than 3 hours at once.  Sure, sometimes she’ll self-soothe and crash again (and I mentally send her a quick, “thank you” before going back to sleep myself), but more often than not she vociferously refuses to go back down until her mother or I trudge upstairs and place a hand on her back.

But lately even that hasn’t been enough, and we’ve moved to giving her a 4oz bottle each time she wakes up.

I suppose this lends itself to the possibility of her undergoing another growth spurt, which would be amazing given that she’s already in the 95th percentile for overall length.
Having all your muscles/ligaments/skin/organs stretching out at once, and your bones knitting together so quickly seems like it’d be pretty painful.

Fortunately, she’s been a pretty happy baby during the day.  Particularly so when watching Rainbow Horse give out red balloons.

Someday I’m going to remember to landscape my phone when taking these…

And those smiles?  I guess they’re a pretty good trade for sleepless nights.


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