The Daphne Sessions

Every Monday I drop Daphne off at her grandparents’ place on my way to work.  And during this trip I’ve started the other half of my daughter’s musical education.  You see, her mother is fantastic at exposing her to Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky, etc.  You know, the truly important and soul lifting pieces of music that we humans have created.

And Dad…  Dad has a different tack.  I handle all the 80’s pop, the seminal tracks of the 90’s, and the more recent, cooler-than-thou bands that mesh well with her father’s return to jaded suburban apathy.

Also, if we’re being totally honest with one another, I’m trying to find something, anything, that she likes more than Taylor Swift…

So here you go Daphne, your morning mix of Nü DadRock:


Nena – 99 Red Balloons

I think part of the allure here might be me singing along with the synth bassline…

Jonathan Coulton – The Princess Who Saved Herself

Your Dad <3s Jonathan Coulton.

New Duncan Imperials – Velour!  

It’s extremely important to the overall experience of this song that you reach back and quickly tickle your passenger during each exclamation of, “VELOUR!”  Ride with me sometime and I’ll show you.

Nizlopi – JCB Song  

Really this one is just an excuse to proclaim that I’m both Bruce Lee and B.A. Baracus.

Eels – Fresh Blood  

Creepy song and an even creepier video, but the wolf howl elicits a giggle every time.  Also, if I weren’t married to your mother, that’s about how long your dad’s beard would be.

Paul Simon – Father and Daughter  

This is dangerous to listen to while driving as the road tends to get a little blurry.  Particularly so when I catch a glimpse of your beautiful little face, lit by the sun and looking happily out the window.

The Rentals – Friends of P.

Most people I know hate this song.  And judging from your smile when I “OOO WOO HOO HOO!” at you from the front seat, you agree with me that most people are wrong.

Mike Doughty – Book of Love

Long ago, I danced with your mother and quietly sung this to her at our wedding.

G. Love & Special Sauce – Baby’s Got Sauce  

For obvious reasons.

Walk Off the Earth – Little Boxes

Again, your dad’s long dormant suburban angst opens its eyes and growls…

Wesley Willis – Rock n’ Roll McDonalds

Wesley Willis was a genius and a monument to the music industry.  You, along with the rest of the world, will someday appreciate this.

Mumford & Sons – The Wolf

Okay, your VulfFather gets a little misty at this one too, as it’s an ode to the rare nights when he has to hold the door shut against the man he used to be. A solitary, cunning, wanderlusting scoundrel.  And the only thing that keeps him tethered in place, and from completely self-destructing, is your mother, and you.  Because you’re both all I’ve ever longed for, even before I knew what it was I wanted.

And finally, no discussion of music would be complete this week without mentioning the loss of Mr. Bowie on Sunday.  This was made a bit more pointed since the only Christmas gift I gave to Daphne that was solely from me was a vinyl recording of David Bowie narrating Peter & the Wolf.  (Yes, the hipsterdad…it hurts.)

I played the very first section for her on Sunday morning, having no idea that he would pass away later that same day.  She laughed at the cat/clarinet.

I think we’ll play the rest this weekend.


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