Move On, Mumford

The girl is officially over Sesame Street.

Well, at least for the time being.

I tried to go with an old YouTube standby this morning…

And, with the obvious exception of “Mahna Mahna,” she was absolutely NOT having it.

She kept poking the screen in an effort to “change the channel,” and then she grabbed my hand and used it to whack the screen while whining.  So I eventually acquiesced and put on Little Baby Bum.

Alas, poor Animal…

Fortunately I only had to get through a few Baby Bum tunes before Grandma arrived and started prepping Daphne for her weekly “Toddler Time” at the local library.

Yes, she even got Daphne to wear something in her hair without having her immediately tear it out.  Small miracles.

Okay, see you tomorrow.


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