Wingin’ It

You know, there’s not a whole lot new to report today.

I was out at my Friendly Local Gaming Store playing X-Wing until WAYYY too late last night.  I had no idea that the game I started at 7:30 was going to require 4 hours to finish.  And if I’m being totally honest, my poor little Red Squadron pilot began having kamikaze tendencies at around 10:30, just so I could get out of there and go home.

“Red Five checking in.  Tora! Tora! Tora!”

I am, however, really trying to get out and do these kinds of things more often.  For the past few months I’ve gotten into a recursive loop of:

Watch Daphne → Commute → Work → Commute → Watch Daphne → Sleep

And my days were starting to blur together a bit.  So I’m trying to break up the week here and there and ensure I have a little “me time.”

Random topic shift:

I also noticed yesterday that Daph’s haircut might’ve been taken out of the Limecat Lookbook.

Although it’s infinitely cuter on her.

Okay, back to work.  See you tomorrow.


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