I Like Turtles


As I mentioned last week, Jen’s first shower was yesterday.  So the first wave of baby bits and baubles have begun to bounce their way into the bumblehome.  And my dining room table might never be the same…

To celebrate Baby Deluge Week, I’ll be picking out a few random choices among our gifts and talking about them here.

The first of which is this little guy,


“I made a smelly in my shelly.”

The basic gist here is, you slap a few AAA batteries inside Tak (which is short for “Takai”), hit the “ON” button on the back of his shell, and an entire dark room suddenly illuminates with green, blue or amber stars.

turtle2Great idea for children who might be afraid of the dark…

turtle3Terrible idea for people who’ve recently swallowed triple-dipped white blotter.

I’m not sure at what age kids are supposed to start using Tak to relieve potential night terrors, but I’ve purchased a few extra for my bedroom for when I foolishly decide to get down on a Double Doozie right before bedtime like I did last night.
I’ve also ordered an additional three dozen to be sewn into my “Tortuga Ascendant” costume for next year’s Burning Man.

turtlecostumeMy first plan was just to wear this and have someone set me on fire.

Regardless, I’m a big fan of little Tak-Tak, here.  And I’m quite certain Daphne will be too.  More importantly, I can’t wait to sing the classic, “Turtle Fence” song to her and dance under a starry Takai sky.

Sure it might not be as light as, say, “boop boop dittum dattum wattum, choo!” but then again, neither am I.

Night, night.


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  1. hanna would be so proud you remember the “fishy song”

    Daphne will hear it I feel certain!

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